We provide comprehensive care to our patients. You will get a thorough understanding of your dental issues
and what can be done to help you be in optimal dental health.


Cosmetic Dental Treatment

+ To Restore Your Smile

+ To Restore Your Function : Chewing, Talking

+ To Increase Your Confidence

+ Treatment range from tooth colored filling, veneer, crown & bridges and tooth implant to fix your tooth and replace your missing teeth


TEETH Whitening Treatment

+ Multiple types of treatment to suits your teeth sensitivity condition and budget

+ We provide in-office procedure for immediate effect and take home kit for DIY at home


Orthodontic Treatment

+ Fixed Appliances : Metal Brackets, Ceramic Brackets, Transpalatal Arch (TPA), Mini Implants

+ Removable Appliances : Upper Removable Appliances (URA), Twin Block

+ Invisible Alligners : Invisalign , Clearpath

+ Treatment Done By Orthodontic Specialist


Tooth Implant

+ Treatment Done By Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon (Specialist)

+ A Method To Restore Missing Tooth Without Causing Damage To Neighbouring Teeth

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Our Dental Services

Our practice prides itself on providing the very finest level of service, from a simple filling to complex
cosmetic dentistry.

Examination & Diagnosis

  1. Ortopantomogram (OPG)
  2. Lateral Cephalometric
  3. Periapical
  4. Bitewing

Tooth Colored Restorations Composites & Glass Ionomer Cement

Scaling & Polishing Gum Treatment

Emergency Dental Treatment

Incision & Drainage

Tooth Extraction

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)


Crown & Bridge

Denture Acrylic, Cobalt Chrome, Valplast & Clear 4 Flex

Repair Denture

Veneers Composite & Porcelain

Recementation of Failed Prosthesis

Minor Oral Surgery

Surgical Extraction

Teeth Whitening In-office, take home kit, endo/walking bleaching

Orthodontic Treatment Fixed Appliance (Braces), Removable Appliance (URA, Twin Block), Lingual Braces

Invisible Aligners Invisalign, Clearpath

Fluoride Theraphy Topical Fluoride

Fissure Sealant


Tooth Implant


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